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Sanctuaries of Childhood ~ Revised Edition!
"Next Generation Book Awards" Gold Medalist
Finalist - "Foreword Book of the Year Awards"
Finalist - "National Indie Excellence Book Awards"

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LifeWays North America
Nurturing Children, Their Families & Caregivers

Strengthen your parenting or become a childcare provider in your home or in a center. LifeWays™ Early Childhood and Human Development Training for parents, caregivers and parent educators includes guided work over 9-13 months plus coming together for classes in such locations as CA, CO, WI, ME, TX, HI and Vancouver.

Living Passages by Shea Darian
Celebrating Rites of Passage from Birth to Adulthood

An award-winning book with parenting wisdom, ideas and rites of passage ceremonies for celebrating life passages from weaning and transcending the magic of childhood to dating, driving, and leaving home. Includes 30 songs and a bounty of ideas for parents to heal life passages from the past.

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Now It's Your Time, Mom!
Time for Reflection and Self-Care
a book by Orit Tabachnik

"When you listen and care for yourself, caring for others is easier," writes Waldorf mom and coach, Orit Tabachnik in her book Now It's Your Time, Mom! Orit's parenting wisdom grew out of her personal struggles with depression, mood swings and everyday tasks in parenting. She insightfully shares her successes in learning to rebalance herself through self-care and healthy choices. Kelli Miller (MSW and co-host of LA Talk Radio) says: "As mothers, we often can't, or won't allow ourselves to be nourished. Orit's beautiful book gently and compassionately teaches us how to do that."

Seven Times the Sun Book & Song CD
Guiding Your Child Through the Rhythms of the Day

A long-time Waldorf favorite by Shea Darian, Seven Times the Sun offers a fresh view of daily life in the home and family. Songs, stories, family rituals, and practical advice to bring joy to such daily events as greeting a new day, mealtime, play, chores, healing moments, rest, peacemaking, bedtime, and personal renewal for parents.

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Waldorf in the Home Store
Resources for Nourishing Family Life

Over 175 CD and DVD recordings from Waldorf in the Home conferences. Topics include parenting, child development, sensory integration, and videos of Waldorf curriculum for home schoolers: form drawing, math, reading and writing, painting, etc. Most CDs are $12.50 and most videos are $20. Plus related articles in the accompanying blog.

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Whole Family Rhythms
Seasonal Guides for Mamas & Caregivers of Young Children

Seasonal guides to help you slow down, create and connect with the rhythms of the day in your home – through a flow of structured adult-led activities and child-led imaginative free play. Each guide offers master lists of supplies; stories, fingerplays, directions for daily themes (such as baking & cooking, watercolour painting, crafting and hiking); mindfulness meditations for adults, handwork patterns, and nursery rhyme and picture book recommendations.

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