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A keynote talk from award-winning author, Shea Darian

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Family Matters
Talks & Workshops by Shea Darian

Shea Darian’s presentations are often described as “healing,” “inspirational,” and “life-changing.” Shea’s keynote talks and workshops allow adults to re-discover their intuitive parenting wisdom. Shea is the author of Seven Times the Sun and award-winning Sanctuaries of Childhood and Living Passages for the Whole Family.
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Waldorf Without Walls
Waldorf Homeschooling Curriculum Planning & Support

Barbara Dewey at Waldorf Without Walls provides Waldorf Homeschooling curriculum and support, individualized for you and your child throughout the year, with unlimited access by phone and e-mail. At Barbara’s website you can learn more about Waldorf Homeschooling and Barbara’s consulting services, order books, and find out about seminars and other homeschooling resources.

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