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Our Mission

Featuring Waldorf inspired and Waldorf related goods and services, the Waldorf Shop is more than a one-stop Waldorf shopping experience. It's an opportunity for the world-wide Waldorf community to take stock of our true resources, move beyond competition – toward mutually supportive service, and welcome outstanding providers not directly connected with Waldorf education. The Waldorf Shop is a network of folks creating a more beautiful, purposeful and wonder-filled world.

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Our Story

Founded in 1998 by Nancy Parsons and Bob Lathe of Bob & Nancy's Bookshop and, the Waldorf Shop attracted 1300 visitors in its first month alone.

In June of 2011,
GILEAD PRESS became the enthusiastic new sponsor of the website – which now attracts as many as 12,000 visitors a month from all over the world!

With a renewed sense of vision and user-friendly updates, the Waldorf Shop is sure to attract a life-giving buzz to your business, product, training program, special event or organization. Join today!

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Links to logos: Hands on Planet by Fran Hogan & Flower in Hands by Anna Cervova.